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Matouk Table Collections

Exquisite options to mix and match, perfect for both the everyday meal and your momentous celebrations.

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Calypso Table Collection

Tonal sophistication and intricate handiwork come together in the Calypso collection. Made from the same fabric as Chamant—an easy care blend with the classic beauty of pure linen—Calypso features a playful shell stitch edge. Available in white or solid color linen, trimmed with an embroidered edge detail, Calypso adds spirit and charm to your table.

Calypso is available in napkins and tablecloths, offered in 16 different color choices.

Priced from $108 – $498

Washington DC Virginia Maryland Matouk store

Casual Couture Table Collection

Matouk designed their Casual Couture Table Collection with the desire to provide you customers with elegant table linens that can be used for everyday dining. Made from Irish linen with exquisitely sewn accents, these placemats and napkins are available in 6 beautiful colors, including a variety of classic neutrals and jewel-toned brights.

Priced from $95 – $207

Washington DC Virginia Maryland Matouk store

Chamant Napkins

An heirloom-quality linen collection for the modern home, Chamant offers the textural beauty of pure linen in an easy to care for fabric. Chamant is offered in a palette of nine shades, each one thoughtfully selected for its versatility and refinement.

available in sets of 12, 6-inch-square cocktail napkins and in sets of 4, 22-inch-square table napkins

Priced from $95 – $525

Chamant Napkins

in Fig

Chamant Napkins

in White

Chamant Napkins

in Stone

Chamant Napkins

in Silver

Chamant Napkins

in Sky

Chamant Napkins

in Opal

Chamant Napkins

in Lake

Chamant Napkins

in Ivory

Chamant Napkins

in Charcoal

Washington DC Virginia Maryland Matouk store

Lowell Table Collection

From Matouk’s iconic and best-selling collection, this table linen is suitable for any dining environment, with its exquisite tailoring and a tasteful sateen trim. Lowell is offered in Azure, Champagne, Silver, and White.


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Washington DC Virginia Maryland Matouk store

Lucerne Table Collection

Crisp, immaculately pressed folds create a 1-inch pleated finish that subtly and playfully accents classic white linen.

Priced from $126 – $525

Washington DC Virginia Maryland Matouk store

Mirasol Table Collection

Inspired by a stroll on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, the unique arch trim of shop awnings becomes a tasteful complement to exquisite table linens.

Priced from $180 – $574

Washington DC Virginia Maryland Matouk store

Savannah Gardens Table Collection

In classic diamond pique with a scalloped edge, Savannah Gardens is a longtime staple of the Matouk table linens collection. Done in a cotton/polyester blend, it is easy to care for (just machine wash and tumble dry), making it ideal for everyday use.

Priced from $108 – $284

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