Amis Pour La Vie Organic Bedding Collection (Friends for life!) – Pink

Soft pink and black double pipings around the duvet cover.
Made in France
Percale 100% ORGANIC COTTON.
Duvet wording: Tant d’amour à donner….   So Much Love to Give….

Julie Lavarière’s ORGANIC collection is made from organically grown cotton produced from 100% non-genetically modified (GMO) seeds. No agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides were used in the cultivation of the plants. Organic cotton cultivation techniques are also characterized by manual weed removal and the use of 100% natural fertilizers that replace insecticides and herbicides.

Growing organic cotton minimizes water consumption by implementing a crop rotation technique that makes the soil much more fertile. This increasing fertility greatly reduces the need for water, further reducing the impact on the environment compared to conventional cotton crops.